Good Places to rent around brisbane


Tricky one to know where to post this so I chose this forum , sorry if it`s in the wrong place.
i am coming from the U.K. to a job in the Valley in October and will need to find a place to stay quite quickly, anyone have any advice on decent agencies, landlords, which areas to steer clear of which ones are good value for buck, etc, etc,

completely out of my deoth without some sort of pointers so anything would be a start. I hear that New Farm is quite popular, anyone out there agree?.


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A good place to look at is ([url][/url]) it's great because most of the major real esate agents put there listings on there, so it's a lot easier than going to all the sites individually. If you select Fortidude Valley and then tick "include surrounding suburbs" you will get new farm and kangaroo point and any other very close suburbs.

New Farm is quite nice, but it really depends what kind of environment you want. New Farm is mostly units and the houses there would be quite expensive, but if you want unit living then it would be great. You can get to the valley really easily if you live anywhere near a train station, so you might want to consider that as well, but the closer you are to a train line, the dodgier the areas is as a general rule.

I would definately start with New Farm and see how you go.

Good Luck!

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Hi Indianna500!

Great to hear that you will be joining us in this wonderful country! Are you able to say which game development company you will be starting at?

I do not know the Northside of Brisbane to well but I can give you some pointers on the Southside. Basically, the closer you are to town the more expensive it becomes. New Farm is very popular at the moment but it is really expensive! My best recommendation to you would be Greenslopes, Mt Gravatt, Sunnybank, Rochedale, Eight Mile Plains and Springwood. These suburbs are cheaper and are very close to the highway and bus terminals which take you directly into the Valley.

Places to stay away from - Inala

I hope that helps you out a bit and we look forward to having you join us in Brisbane!

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Thanks guys thats all great info, i am especially interested in the `where not to go` info, I am sure you can appreciate I will be having a hard enough time just shaking the jetlag and adjusting to a different country.

I reckon I can initially go for a unit around 200-300 a week ( I hope) depending on how much i lose in tax a month. I have checked a few sites and that seems to be the average in Hew Farm.

I hope to be able to bike to the Valley from wherever i end up, have to shake off some of this flab i have developed since opting for a career where i sit on my arse all day!!. ;-)

I am still talking to my employers at the moment and dont feel comfortable telling who I am working for. I will soon when I am sorted out. Suffice to say i am right there in the valley, and really getting psyched about the move, I have posted on other threads here and have mentioned I will try and post a get together invite for people to meet up at a bar, beers on me, so i can break the ice and start to get some mates organised.

thanks again.

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That sounds fantastic!

When you get all settled in you should come along to a Brisbane IGDA meetup which is a great chance to meet people in the industry. How long until you move?

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New Farm is quite nice, I lived in one of the powerhouse apartments for a while there. Fairly cheap, good security, and nice enough; having to go through the valley each day was a little bit annoying however -- consider it the nastier side of town, you'll daily see hookers and bums taking that walk up that way, however you can take the roads parallel and you get little of that.

Anyways, good hunting :)

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I do the valley walk to work every day and it's not so seedy anymore. They must hose the bums off and send them packing!

Even when I walk home at night after some overtime there's never been a shady moment. Then again I'm pretty shaggy looking... I probably just get mistaken for a bum myself.


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Scott -

I was wondering tho if when you are walking home if you are drunker than the bums...... That really could have a lot to do with it ;) Seeing as I know you babble a bit when drunk.

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A running joke I like to pull on Scotty is...

*What Scott thinks he says at the clubs*
"Hi, i just wanted to say I think you look mighty pretty tonight and would you care for a dance?"

*What she hears*
Ragghle splonk weee blah blah frooopy doolop *spew* ha ha splat.


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Hey, if it works, use it!

And I babble like that all the time, even when I'm not drunk. :P


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Okay, I can see that we have drifted off topic a tad, but who cares, new question, what is the best bar in Brisbane, when I say best i mean one that doesnt have sport TV on 24/7 or the music up so loud that your earwax leaves under its own power. oh and how late do they stay open. Sounds like I would like to ask Scott this question.

if you where choosing somewhere to meet up after work where would it be?.

Are the bars in the Valley better trhan the CBD, or just cheaoer?

over to you sir.

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I'll give you the tour. [;P]

There are lots of nice friendly bars about and lots of live music if you're into that kind of thing. Closing times depend on what night you go out... Mondays might be a bit miserable. Thursday Friday and Saturday are ok and you can usually find somewhere to stay until the wee hours.

Btw, our local is Gilhooleys in the city as it's central and pretty laid back.


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Thats all good news, as long as everyone isn`t speed drinking, up until last orders at 11.00pm like they do over ere, I will be happy.

Will be arriving around the weekend of the 15/16 Oct, dont know where I will be staying yet, but i am sure it will be handy for the city.

cheers Scott

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Taht right, forgot about that quaint english custom of "Last Orders" :)

Queensland's has legislated the lock-in (which I'm sure you are not at all familiar [:)]) at 2am. You're allowed to leave, but nobody else is allowed in.

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ahhh the `Lock-in`

dont want to get nationalistic here, but, i think the lock in was invented in the U.K. to get around our draconian last orders. Its one of the reasons why Pub Landlords are so popular and its essential to amke friends with them as soon as possible, they chose who stays and who gets booted out at 11.30, but of course this is never discussed at the time, just a series of nods and hand signals and you know your in, bit like the Masons.

but if all of the bars in Bris do it then Okay!, I have picked the right town/ country after all ;-), just get me away from this land of binge drinking light-weights.