Salary for Australian game developers?

Just curious... say 2-4 years of experience(NA + UK) in the games industry - shipped a few Xbox/PS2/Cube games.

50K? 70K? 100K?

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Erg, well entry level programming is I would think 30-40 or so. Well that's what I would settle for initially. If you take a "senior" programming position within a company I think you could expect 50-70k. Maybe if you're the CTO or a double lead programmer / designer / producer or whatever you could expect 100k.

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I can't talk from experience, but most of the game dev job ads i've seen have been between about 45k and 55k, negotiable depending on experience. That is for the basic programmer jobs though, lead programmers get more obviously, got no idea what salaries are for artists.

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Wow. I have to say the salaries are quite low then... I thought UK salaries were low. Still being in Australia would be a good experience, otherwise back to California for me then.

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Cost of living in australia is much much cheaper than in the UK (at least in the cities anyway). 45-55k is a very decent living in australia. Of course if you then go back to the US you'll realise how worthless AU$50,000 really is :)
CYer, Blitz