Playstation mod-chipping

Looks like it's not illegal despite Sony's best efforts: [url][/url]

Anyone 'chipped their PS1 or PS2? I don't know anything about it and am after some pros and cons. (Was in Singapore a couple of months ago and almost splurged on a stack of cheap games before remembering they wouldn't work on my console...)

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Pros: no need to buy a $20,000 PS2 dev kit to test your demos? [;)]

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Yep, mod chipping is still legal in Australia. Sony just lost another court case.

I've never done homebrew PS2, but I gather it's possible to fool a PS2 into running unsigned code via a hack involving any PS1 game. I have no idea of details (and I don't want to know). Point is afaik you don't have to modchip a PS2 to do homebrew.

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Plaing imported games I think is a definate pro. If you actually have the desire. If you don't want to or don't know about games you might import there's no point. But if English is your second language or you know of releases that are either not released here or impossible to find (there's a bundle on the Gamecube) then a mod chip might be a handy thing to have.

Leto's picture has anyone here actually 'chipped' their console? Either for homebrew or playing import games or running Linux or whatever. [;)]

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I have the chip. I have the tools. I damaged my PS2 just *opening* it, let alone actually soldering 17 wires. I do not yet have the guts :(