Hi to all

My name is Bob Mahorela and I have been working in architectural visualisation for some years now but at some stage I would love to make the jump into environment art for games. I'm a pretty useful modeller and lighting artist. Just wanted to say hello and if anyone has any advice for me on how I could make the transition please don't hesitate to let me know. Are there alot of professionals browsing this site? Will work posted get some exposure? Are there any "must reads" for the aspiring environment artist?


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Hit the Developer listings on this site, find those in your local state and just send your folio out to places. Posting on places like this is never a bad idea, there are a number of industry people on here, also go to other forums and indsutry sites as well, the more exposure the better. You've got fantastic work, the lighting's great, though if your going for games then you have to make sure you can show that in a more restricted delivery like a game engine, catering to the limits of the platform at hand.

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Try exporting your scenes into engines, i found out at school a few days back that some employers after environmental artists want them to have experience using the new unreal editor.

Also some objects in your scene look fairly high poly and would never be able to run nicely in a game engine, you would have to show that you can make as stunning low poly assets as well. With the ability to normal map the high detail onto the low poly models

really nice renders you got there tho.