Designer and/or tester looking for work in Melbourne

Hello, I am a 17yo games developer that is currently working with a small group of people to create small games. I would like to be able to join a larger company to further my knowledge of the field and to put some of my ideas in action. I have been designing games since I was 10 and playing since I was 6 or younger.

Some of my work is shown at - my best examples are in the Delta 9 and Valhalla's Kingdoms forums. These are both games that are currently in development. You may contact me via

The best working example is currently in alpha stage - you may request this if you are interested.

Sincerely, Josh.

Edit:Changed link and added additional info.

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Hi, the link doesn't work :P

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I am finding it a bit hard to get information out of your website btw.

Can I suggest making a products page, redirecting the user from the forum to those product page, and providing screenshot, design overview etc of the games.

Also it doesn't hurt to contact studios directly with this kind of portfolio, better chances of getting a hit.

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The Thing 2:

Posts by me in forum:
Delta 9:
Valhalla's Kingdoms:

Games that should be on there that have buggy links/non-released (fixing):
Valhalla: Deliverence (No great design loss here - quick game made in low quality engine)
ZeroPC (A card game that I developed, will try to get made as soon as possible)
The Thing 3 (Not released)

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Your part of the way there.

Things I like about what you been doing btw.
You been very enthusiastic
You been actually putting together games, rather than just saying 'I want a job in games' and having no games to show for it.

Now what your best doing rather than asking on sumea (sumea is great to see jobs being advertised, but very few recruiting officers/ceo's read the forums directly) so it's best to do the following:

Grab together the game information you posted above, put it all into a nicely laid out word document or pdf document. Put screenshots in the word doc. Also because it seems you are making the games with others put how you been making the game, talk about your forum posts, what tools you been using to get the content into the game, mention who did what on the project etc and what area you mostly focused on. Also put in the above links you just posted into the document. Think of this as your way of advertising yourself as a skilled creative person.

Then along with the word/pdf document send zip's of your games (they are quite small) to different companies jobs email addresses. Companies to start off with who traditionally hire juniors like firemint, red tribe, transmission games, krome, infinite interactive etc.

I like how you taken the initiative and started posting. You might not get in straight away but almost all of us have gone through the endless sending off our resume until someone bit, and never looking back :).

PPS the thing didn't seem to work on my machine, I am running windows vista which may be the reason.