Heya, I'm New!

Hi everyone - just thought I'd introduce myself.

My name's Patrick Brown, and I'm studying fulltime at RMIT Uni in the Melbourne CBD. The name of my course is Games Graphics Design and one of my tutors pointed me towards this site for Australian-related industry news, job advertisements, and the such.

I am primarily a PC gamer but would love to play console titles if I had the time.

I am currently assuming the role of lead / gameplay designer for two third-year mods in my course, and I hope to post a link to the final product eventually for you guys to test out!

**hmm what else?**

I'm currently looking for part-time QA or junior-designer work, just to get my foot in the door of Australia's expanding games industry. So far it's been really hard to find anything for an undergraduate part-time person such as myself, but I'll soldier on! :P

Thanks for reading!

Patrick Brown

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Hey, welcome to the site!

Keep your eye out on the jobs page (or follow us on twitter) for the latest job posts. It's well understood that QA jobs is the most common way to get in the industry, and every time I post one of them up, the page view hits it gets testify how extremely popular they are. I highly suggest having your CV handy to fire an application within a day of a QA related jobs post is posted.

Looking forward to seeing your mod!

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Thanks for making me feel welcome!

I'm currently looking for an online portfolio website where I can host my CV, stuff about me, work, levels, etc.

Does anyone know of the industry standard in online portfolios?