I got the job! - now where do I rent?

Hello everyone again,

Folloeing up on my cost of living post, I can announce that last week I was offered a job at Krome and have accepted. Start date some time in mid October.

They have very generously offered me accomadaation for a month and then I am out on my own.

So the big question now is where should a new guy in town think about renting?. I dont expect a mansion, then again I dont want to move in over a bar ( maybe down the street ;-) ). So any suggestions?, I will be working in Fortitude valley and would like some where within easy reach but not too close if you know what I mean.

so in a nutshell where should I aim for?, and PLEASE tell me which areas to steer clear of. I live in Nottingham at the moment , in a good area, but then the whole city was voted the second worst place to live in the U.K. ( Hull was number 1, if you wanted to know) so anywhere else must be an improvement.

and a big shout out to all the Brisbane Developers, i will be getting well and truly plastered after I arrive and would like to make some contacts in the process...so name the bars, I hear Rics is a tourist trap, so i wont be going there.

cheers ears


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Try setting up google earth (earth.google.com) with a new network link to my Aus Games Industry location link.


That shows the rough locations of most games houses in brissy (but not all, and only those that make the location public in our phone book).

I've taken a screenshot of the thing for you and named some of the nearby suburbs, but turn on the 'Keyhole BBS' layer in google earth and you'll get heaps of useful info.

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PS : I know many of the younger people where I work live in Teneriffe, New farm, Spring Hill, West end etc - and a few across in bulimba. I'm guessing you're more for the family life than the nightlife though? perhaps somewhere further out of town?

Just don't head too far south towards Logan. :)

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I will sort out setting that up later.

I am on a trial period for 3 months on my own before my wiofe and kids get out there. Looks like I shall be fighting temptation!.

So whats up with Logan, rough or just full of crazies?. this is the kind of info I need so i dont land myself in the middle of a turf war ( I exaggerate but that kind of youth culture seems to be taking off everywhere.)

Goood shops for food nearby would be good as well, and a few good bars......typical Brit wants the mooon- on -a- stick, ;-)

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from those labelled close areas, i'd suggest bulimba, its a nice area
close to shops, regular ferry across the river, and has a pretty nice area (oxford st) for bars and what not

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Cheers that sounds like the ticket...I loved the name as well.
Thanks for the google earth tip, its great, will have fun flying the kids around later!.

looking forward to a nice cold one without any football hooligans spilling it ;-)

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That was quick!!


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Congrats on the job! - And dont worry, youll have plenty of ham-fisted NRL and AFL (Aussie Rules Football and Rugby League)hooligans to spill your drinks over here too [:P]

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aww bollocks, I forgot about that...and i guess they will just love to chuck a fresh pom around...not that i am into that sort of thing mind...better stop typing now before it gets out of hand....

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haha - no I'm just taking the piss, they arent anywhere near as bad as the footy hooligans over in the UK [:O]

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Hey Congratz.

What will be your position? I happen to be working at Krome too :)

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Thanks very much. I will be an `Artist`, a bit up in the air at the moment, probably Enviroments, but I want to get heavily involved in the concept side of things, thats where my real interests lie.

I hope to meet you soon, my visa has just gone in and I hope to be ready for my 13 October departure.

I suppose I can `come out of the closet` now, so to speak ;-)

wanted to remain anonymous just in case things went south with the offer
heres my website