Creating TEAM



My name is Kortes,

i'm looking for people to creat independent TEAM.

I wonna start with begin. I understand thats easy to say than to do it. But if you will never try you will never know what life can bring to you...

I'm living in Melbourne. My specialization is game designer.

I'm already found one person( Artist). he is living in Melbourne as well.

I have some expireance creating team, working in team.
I and my friends once we pablished our first and last game but their was bad humane factor that destroyed all our team after first success...

" Creating game is team work, thare is nothing to do for single person"

Good luck and thanx every one.

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Where abouts in Melbourne are you?

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Flinder st very close to flindr station.


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What was the first/last game that you and your old team published?
Web links etc. would be nice :)
CYer, Blitz

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yeah, you havent told us what your gathering the team together to do, nor given us any examples of what youve done in the past :S

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I'm from Russia. Game that we created was pableshed only in Russia.

It will be too too cool for us if our game will be pablished overseas!

This is some pictures form game that was pableshed and another picture from our second project( that was never pablished, unfortunatly...)

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Hi Kortes,
may I know what to do when you united a team? do you have a plan? and, I don't know whether I got the capability to join without seeing your work (although I'm interested in).
please contact me by the following e-mail address

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Work experience, need work experience.

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Hi :)

Okay this is my first game that was pableshed.
Yes I do, have expireance in making games.

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]show3.jpg[/url]
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[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]show2.jpg[/url]
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[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]show.jpg[/url]
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I coudnt send pictures about my second unfinished project(differant format)

But who wonna see pictures I can send to e-mail no probs.
Let me know ok.

Ganerally its RTS.


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And just general info.

I have plan about creating team.

However, its all depends from people.

their knowledge and so on.

Need sit together and just discuss everything, thats first step.

After we will see...

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Hi Kortes

Could you give more details regarding your plan.
What kind of people/skills are you looking for in your team.
Can you discuss what game are you planning?

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Also, will this be over the Internet, or a building will be rented, because I really need Work Experience, It is in a Couple Of Weeks Time.

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What was the title of the game you had published and the publishers details if you are willing to disclose such information [:D]

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for me the most importance message required is that what kind/level of the skill you need.
or can you share an e-mail address so the others can send you some former work for you to see whether they are the right people you are looking for.

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Hello every one,

The best way to make game is to live in same location, in same city and so on. We did 60%-70% not through internet. However, There were lots of people who were working with us through internet. I am looking for people who doesnt have any experience but people who realy wonna do this craft.
Or it could be advance people in there fild, if they wonna joining Welcome.
You asked me what game I wonna to do? I am not going to choose what game we going to do. We as a team going to choose what, how, and when.
Before we did our first big project we did lots of smoler one. Becouse we didnt knew what we can and what not. The most important thing is that we wonna to be idependent from pablisher. Creat team is long process. If people wonna break into game indastry as a team, we need practice. Creating smole projects for begin.

About my project. Name is Silence Action. Pablishers company name is GAME-WOLF (its not so famost company in Russia). We did this project working on enthusiasm! No boby paid for us! Main team was consist from 8 people(programmer, programmer, game designer/scenario, 3Dmodeller/texturing, 3Dmodeller, Writer, artist and agein programmer ). And about 5-8 people were working through internet, for some people we did paid. For example their was profesional programmist who did AI for game. Some of us were just beginer but its better than nothing!

Plan about creating team. Theirs nothing new like in all begining team.
First step, to know what can we do and what cant, and to make people to know each ather. Secon step, smole project and so on.

I hope you catched main idea.


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Kortes,I sent you an email from your profile link did it work?
what's the update on your plan

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I might be interested too...

I am currently doing my first year of University, and want some experience working with a team.

I'm a programmer by the way...

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Thats good, tale me where you from( witch city and so on)

or just contact me by e-mail

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Hi Kortes!

I'm not a programmer, or designer... I'm a composer.

I do live in Sydney however, but am willing to work just for the pride of a nice finished product.

Here in Sydney i have access to top quality recording and sequencing gear, as well as a respectable list of talented musicians.

I can write, and record theme and backing music to match any particular mood, style, era, or instrument and deliver it at professional quality.

If you would like me to create some music for you, just shoot me an Email at

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Hi Kortes,

Im living in Melb too, and very interested in game making. I worked in a game studio as a 3D modeler and mapper for 3+ yrs, if you need someone like me then pop me an email :)


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Hello Kortes,
How did you go with your team search? Is there any advice that you can give on your experience?

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Hello Kortes,

Are you still looking for a team? What kind of experience do you have. Have you played in any leagues? Please reply asap and I will see if I can give you a tryout. Thanks.