About that guildhall post..

Is it really relevent for any of us?

Whos gonna travel to America and spend $37,000US, when we have the AIE and Qantm down here for a truckload less.

The guildhall has some big names attached, but thats pretty much all they are.. They'll come in as guest speakers and thats it.

Just my little whine :P

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I was questioning whether I should have pushed that news item public, but hey, it was a slow news day/weekend, and Guildehall themselves (I'd assume) seem fit enough to post it, so I didn't think people would mind.. They have posted other news items in the past about Guildhall which I didn't make public due to the same reasons you give..

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Fair enough. I dont think that post was really hurting anyone, but it did seem a little too out there :)

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no i think its good to look outside the bubble
theres a hell of a lot going on out there

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I got no problem with that.
Sumea is a site for the Australian and New zealand game developers community though.
I think the international stuff is best left to the international sites, like polycount and cgtalk.