Team C: Assets List

Now that we have a nice big design brief to work of we can start implementing the tech and art.

First in line for assets is some concept art. I would like to see some concept of the following:

- The campaign map with its solar systems from a top down 2D plane view
- The campaign map should detail the scale of the game but not necessarily accurately scope the size of the planets in comparison to a sun. Liberty can be taken haha
- The orbital territory interface of a planet with orbit rings - this can be much more 3D and spatial
- any combination of ships and fleets
- looking at the planets and how to best represent a defense station, resource node or resource station on the planet

If anyones really keen we can start making some preliminary models of ships, fighters and carriers and the planets, moons, asteroids and other satellites.

I've got a good idea of how I want the game play and design to work but with only a rough idea of how it should look. I'm also quite certain that the look of the game is going to have a big impact on the game too.

Any discussion to the look of the game can continue in the art thread.

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Awesome work.

The campaign map and the other things you listed is probably what I should come up with considering it's a ui design issue. The concept art of the ship models, fighters, carriers, satellites etc is what JohnN would be tackling. If you're reading, John, can you read through the design doc and come up with some concepts?

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just for some ideas for the art style - I would love to see a lot of gothic influence into the fleets, ships and structure designs.

For an example:

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I've read the doc already Souri, I'll re-read and build up a list of assets that need concepts and will attempt to make it into an organised brief that people can comment on before I head down a unpopular path.

Should i also add to the list general styling/feel/ambience for the game? I expect it will naturally develop as the ships etc and interface design does but it might be a good idea to set some style boundaries/goals early?

on potential styling: I'm more a fan of industrial/military over gothic. I'll take it on board mulletdulla and see how it sits as I progress.

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Thinking of the concept of defcon and interplanetary conquest it kinda reminds me of the more classic and retro sci-fi styles. I think a retro rocket-ship style it could lend itself very nicely to the design of this game. :)

Some examples:

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I like the idea of reverting the art style to the cold war era but none of those examples agree with me. Give it a shot tho and lets see what we come up with :D

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I've read back through the design document and assembled a list of all the things I could see that we will need some concept art for. feel free to suggest additions/removals etc.

concept art list:
solar systems x2 (planets, moons, central star, asteroids/asteroid fields)
star fleets x2:
Artillery Ship (planetary assault)
Attack Ship (fleet attack, fleet defence)
Defence Ship? (fleet defence)
Carrier Ship (personnel transport)

manufacturing ports
research facilities
fuel harvesting/processing plants
defence satellites
orbital defence systems
terrestrial defence stations

---extras to consider---
black holes
worm holes
unmanned war heads?
Alien ships/Aliens
ghost ships/stations