The 48 Hour Project

Hey Everybody,

I've come to tell you about our project, the 48 Hour Project and how we want YOU to get involved

The 48 Hour Game project is an experimental development project that has been started by Anomalous Interactive in Melbourne. We will be creating a full release iOS game over a series of 48 hour challenges. So if you know what goes on with the 48 hour game competitions, we are taking that concept of being shut up in a room for 48 hour straight hours developing and using that as a development cycle for our major project of the year.

We've formed a team of IGDA Melbourne members who will be working directly on the project with us but we want as many people to get involved as possible!

We have a website up at that will soon become a hub for our project's community. We will have forums set up soon where we want YOU to get involved and tell us EXACTLY what you want to see us develop.

So if you think of the competitions, where at the start all the contestants begin with a given theme, well we want anyone whos interested in what we are doing to help us work out our theme.

So check the website out and stay tuned for updates.

You can also follow us on Twitter at or Facebook at!/pages/The-48-Hour-Project/191610540870585

or shoot us an email at


~ Ryan Keable

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Because the website isn't fully operational yet, we can start to post our own ideas and themes here in this thread for discussion.

Currently, on an overall level I think we should keep the scale small and make the game work on a 2D level. 2D plane and interactions; side scrolling or top down.

We can still use 3D art we will just export 3D models out as single images or multiple to make animations.

What would you guys like to see done?

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I recently did a 24 hour game jam set up by Harry Lee who was at the global game jam as well. We came up with this unity game I'm pretty proud of, Carniverse, which of course was in 3d.

So theres no reason to get attached to doing a 2d style game at this point, unity and a number of other engines support quick prototyping for 3d gameplay.

That said, theres nothing to say we can't use 2d style either, though I'm going to recommend against using a 2d style with sprites exported from 3d programs. If you have the geometry, use it.

Theres so many good ways of using lighting and economic re-texturing with 3d that unless we're using a dedicated 2d engine and art-style (which I'm all for, 2d fighters are one of my favorites) that theres really no point in not using 3d geometry in engine, if your going to go to the trouble of making it.


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Well currently we are looking at using the Shiva 3D engine because it is far more cheaper for iOS dev than unity. It will also enable us to make 2D games the same way Unity does.

the main problem I for-see with 3D dev is that so much more work will be needed in order to get it to operate functionally, especially given that rendering any sort of 3D game on an iOS platform has a lot of frame rate restrictions. And we also don't yet know just how capable Shiva is.

Going for a 2D style with 3D sprites simply enables some of the artists involved on the project to exercise their 3D skills, not because its the most optimal way haha.

However with a theme and game concept we should have a better idea as to which technical direction we will take the project.

heres one of my theme words: lost socks.

your objective in the game is to match lost socks lost in a space vacuum at the back of a drier/washing machine.

~ RyanK

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How many 48hours sessions are you guys planning to have before the game is published?

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currently we are looking to do 4, one weekend per month from april to july.

~ RyanK