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In somewhat related news...

The Chinese Ministry of Culture has declared Football Manager 2005 a threat to the country's "sovereignty and territorial integrity", with fines promised for anyone distributing the game in the region - it includes the Taipei region of Taiwan, the Hong Kong Macau region and Tibet as separate countries.

The strange thing is that, from the Gamebiz article, it seems the English version (which hasn't been edited for those changes) is being wildly pirated there, since a localised version would have been likely changed. [xx(]

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From what i've read, the localised version is planned but hasn't been released yet (and the localised version will conform to the gov's wishes). So, basically the chinese gov. has banned a pirated game :P Just goes to show what a big problem pirated software is in china.

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That's gotta be up there in the list of "Government wackiness in the games industry", along side of Australia's lack of R rating...