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I think this is a cool idea, lets hope it will have more success then the Sumea Draw club.
As for activitys maybe a studies like anatomy*, colour, etc.
*This would focus only on 1 area of the body, say head or chest or whatever. Just to keep it fairly short.

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I like the anatomy idea makk - it's encouraging concentration on a particular area of study to build solid foundations, which is a very good thing.

Next thing we need to start thinking of is what medium the initial activities will be (eg, low poly asset, pure digital hand painting, or anything and everything).

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How about sprite design? With the GBA a major platform it would be appropriate for 2D art to challenges similar to a 3D low poly modelling comp. Something like 50x50 pixel character with walk cycle, or character with unique attack. (Actually someone would have to tell me the usual sprite sizes on a GBA, I know there are artists here)

Not sure if this fits in the "build solid foundations" area.

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that's a bit more relevant to the sumea draw club jwalduck - what we're trying to do here is make assignments, not challenges, to improve your own skill and help and share with others.

We've talked about concentrating on activities which solidy foundations and fundamentals like anatomy, colour theory etc etc but in a fun way to learn.

First assinment(s) should be up within a day or two [:)]
apologies for taking some time, but we really do want to get this right and encourage a supportive and active place to do this.

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Why not? the principles of animation apply to both 3d and 2d realms. A pity the GBA market is so fickle tho'.

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I was more so referring to the 2D art to:


"challenges similar to a 3D low poly modelling comp"

you're right, animation principles are definitely something worth looking into for this - I'm sure people would appreciate weight, motion, and timing all being commented on and improved upon

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I really like the GBA sprite idea. Nice and simple, yet would challenge he hell out of a lot of 3D guys here :D

I wouldn't mind some life drawing excercises either. Perhaps along the lines of, provide an image, and then people can get on and try to draw it. Any medium can be used, and any style as well. My teacher back in college was really supprised when we had to do life drawing (from a nude model then and there), and I was drawing with comic book style line art.

I really like that GBA idea though.... Yeah I know it's a repeat :)

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Well I derailed things there when I brought up sprites. I can see what J.I. means, here we are looking at skill building through personal exercises rather than through challenges. A subtle difference that I missed.

There would be some merit in animation exercises. I'd also be interested in light/shadow and colour exercises. Basically anything, I often need a prod so I am not left sitting there with a pencil and a blank piece of paper.

As for medium I'll have to stick to traditional media for now. I'm a left hander who uses a mouse right handed. Oh, for a tablet... its on the christmas wish list. But I think this should be fine. If we are concentrating on the fundamentals then media becomes less important as they should be things you can take from media to media.

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I was thinking of a small sprite activity for the draw club section actually. The idea to get action in the draw club, I think, is to make activities much shorter so that most people should be able to participate in them. Nothing more than simple 2 hour projects... Anyway, I won't derail the conversation here - will post something up there soon.

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*pokes joels head into hurriment!*

Good idea souri, thats whats intended for here :) that idea i mean :)

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Although not original (anymore :p), how about something like this?


Fun as all hell to participate in :)

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The initial 3 activities are now all planned out - the resources for them are being gathered/made, so expect all three posted shortly. There is one assignment for conceptual design, modelling, and texturing each; all are short turnarounds, and we intend to encourage a constructive environment to help each other improve [:)]

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Any artist who doesn't do one will have their sumea membership revoked!!

Ok maybe not.. But I'll stare evilly at you if you don't!!


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Sweet, looking forward to it :)

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ok, first batch of three activities posted. They cover 2d/conceptual design, modelling, and texturing.

Kind of took the idea aven posted for the 2D one, but left it very open still for design. cheers!

Anything you'd like to see different? More ideas for future activities?