Wanted: High-Detail 3D Character Artist for Open-World Survival FPS

We at Sandswept Studios are finishing up our current title, DETOUR, http://www.sandswept.net/?page_id=47, releasing for Xbox LIVE Indie Games and PC (on a certain platform of certainty!)

We're beginning development of our next PC game, a first person, open-world, multiplayer survival shooter, and we are in need of someone interested in working *currently* unpaid as a high detail 3d character artist. (6 - 8k tri models) This person would be exclusively in charge of all characters in the game, with additional modelers taking care of world props and so on.

The game will allow player customization, such as male/female, facial features, body features, and clothing. Experience in developing for such a system is not needed, but it's certainly a plus. Clothing will be separate meshes created on top of the player models and toggled on and off based on what the player/character is wearing.

Rigging and animation will be taken care of by additional team members.

If you are interested in this opportunity to be part of an incredibly innovative and unique title (the details of which we are keeping under wraps to the public as of right now), please email us at jobs@sandsweptstudios.com

- Sotiri Kannis
Lead 3D Artisit
Sandswept Studios