WoW Oceanic Server

For those interested, some mates and I have rolled on one of the new 'Oceanic' (still based in US but in aussie timezone) servers, Jubei'Thos. As it stands, the server is somewhat fresh, with only a couple of 60's running around.

I think the eventual plan is to run shit like Molten Core and Blackwing Lair at a reasonable hour.

Anyhow, we're on alliance side. Which sucks somewhat, but if you're interested you can catch me on my char 'Stabatha.'

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I have an Undead Warlock playing for the Horde on Jubei'Thos, so watch out [;)]

I'm absolutely astonished that there are level 60s already on that server. Jubei'Thos was launched on Australia day, and it took about 8 days for the first guy to hit level 60.

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I wanted to roll horde, but my friends suck. Ahh well. I shall keep an eye out for locks. :D

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Leet! I'll jump on WoW now Bob and make a new char... [8D]

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Hey guys, A group of game artist/programmers (and partners etc) have started a guild on Horde frostmorne, Its called "nubs Co" We have about 20 or so players (regulars). We have friends in other guild so we run MC. (dkp system)
Anyways, if u would like to join drop me a /w in game.

INGAME NAME: popa (60 shammy)
GUILD: Nubs Co.


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Oooh :( yeah since this post my friends decided to roll horde on frostmourne.

I was a little bummed at this, as I wanted a shot of running some nice instances with my mates before my funds ran out. And run out they have.

I have a 25 Orc hunter. Ercbna. Cause he looks like the hulk.

I'll be playing him for a few more days yet :( but stupid lack of jobs.. What can you do.

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Might join ya. Recently rolled a Shammy called Braun, currently 18.

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Hey I am now the proud owner of a lvl21 night elf hunter. If anyone is on the Khaz'goroth server, look for my character "Adiaha"

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i have a lvl 60 troll hunter on jubeithos called neffy :)

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I've a level 50 Night elf priest on frostmourne by the name of Lutzi

Say hi if you see me running around :D