Oz employing artists from overseas

Hiya peeps,

I've just joined this forum as I am interested in Australian game developers. Nice little forum going on here.

Okay, are there any members here (artist, employers etc) that can shed any light on the process of Australian companies employing artists from overseas?

I am an English artist with about 11 years experience (about 16 or 17 years if I count my early 8bit days), who would absolutely love to work and settle in Australia. The ideal scenario would be for me to be able to become a permanent citizen and live in Melbourne, as I have a sister who has lived there for about 15 years. She's now an Aussie citizen with 2 lovely Aussie kids.

So, what do I need to know?

Well, do many employers actively seek artists from overseas?

If so, do they only employ on a short-term contract basis. Or, do they assist in sponsoring the employee (after a determined period) to become permanent residents?

I would apply for residence through the usual channels via the immigration process, but it seems games artists are not considered on the skills in demand list. Also, my experience is all either self taught or on the job experience. I don't have any academic certificate to back up the work I do. This, basically, creates a brick wall for me with the usual immigration channels.

So, do any employers have means of employing people like me (with only on the job experience)? Also, do employers have ways and means of sponsoring people like myself, with methods of assisting with permanent residency?

I know this could be a touchy subject with some. I don't want to be considered as taking jobs away from Australian citizens. I certainly don't consider it that way when England employs Australian artistsprogrammers etc. It's a supply and demand scenario.

Anyway, I sincerely hope there's somebody here who can pass on any info, regarding my queries. I would be most grateful.


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Yep, I have a list of some companies that I will be approaching very soon.

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This would be a good answer for Pandemic Studios (in Queensland) to answer. Their old web page on Pandemic Australia had some info for Brits making the move down under, so I'm sure they'd know a few things.. I might fire off an email to them and see if they can help you out on here, but no promises.. [:)]

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Actually we haven?t had anything on our web site regarding immigration or relocation information. In fact, we will soon be launching our Australian sub site off our main web site but in the mean time here are a few links that may be helpful :)






Health information for overseas visitors to Australia.


Information on Residency in Australia


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Okay, cheers guys. Thanks for the links, Christie.

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Mate if you move from the UK to Melbourne you should feel right at home... very similar weather ;-)

Good luck!

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hehe, cheers Red 5 :) Yep, I guess it can get a bit wet and cold. However, at least Melbourne does actually get a summer. Unlike over in England. hehe

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souri: I think you may have been thinking about our CA site - http://www.creative-assembly.com.au

it's still got stuff up on relocating to brisbane etc etc.

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ah yes, that be it. [:)]

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Bumping this thread back up :o)
Sausage, how have things progressed? Have you got/taken a job yet?
Spill the beans.