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hi everyone,

Im a 4th yr Multimedia Systems student needing to find an internship in Melbourne. Does anyone know of any companies that have any existing internship programs for 3d artist?

Caroo, if you read this post, i noticed your profile says your 20yrs old and found a job working at blue tongue.        Have you studied in the field? if so what course have done?
Can you/anyone give me some advice on finding a job?

ive done my folio and resume and im starting to write up some cover letters is there anything else that could give me an edge?

Also, this is an site/forum, wish i had found it sooner


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[Before I go on my babbling I?ll let you know that ONE place in Melbourne do allow internships. That being Red Tribe: Click here   other then that nothing sorry.]

G?day mate. Nice to see you?re putting yourself out there, asking questions and such. That?s a key element of job acquisition in itself for all jobs. Getting yourself known.

I .. basically learned through my own mistakes and experiences to be honest. I finished high school last year with a crap VCE score and just pretty much focused a year of my time at home self-teaching around half of what I needed to know.

Self-teaching in more detail means getting books and internet tutorials and slugging yourself through all the knowledge and know how to get to junior standards and spec. But if you?re in your 4th year of a course that has made you quite a good 3D artist [I assume so.] Then ignore the self-teaching component I just talked about.

What you need to do mate above all else is learn and accept people?s critiques. This means applying your cover letter, resume and best work examples to every studio in Australia with a small demo of your work and hoping you get a reply based on it.

You?ll hopefully get a few interviews from that. Now the following is important to know. Please don?t believe that I got the job at blue tongue as my first interview. That?s lies and slander. Blue Tongue was interviewing no 7 of 8.

Through this year Australia wide I have:

Applied to mostly every company in the country. Sometimes twice over, [blue tongue included] I would say all up about 40-50 applications.

Out of those 40-50 around 5-7 gave any sort of reply. This is standard for aussie games industries so don?t feel like your sh*t when no one replies. Everyone gets this.

And I have gone to as I said 8 interviews in total.

Ok so the depressing statistics aside mate the one thing I did do is that when I didn?t get a job I would ring and e-mail ask why not and asked what I could do to improve myself. And basically through that and listening to what they wanted I made a Cover letter, Resume, Printed and Organised design Documents and Screenshots of work and took all that in and casually talked them through what I could TRUTHFULLY offer them and my skills. And it just so happened that those skills are what they need for this project I?m working on.

Be friendly and approachable in an interview, which helps as well.

With next gen on our tails most studios will be happy to hire a 3D artist if they are good enough to fill the position. While there are a lot of people applying to the industry most of them simply don?t have the polished skills. But in saying that I would say I?m both the youngest and most unprofessional at blue tongue. For all purposes don?t consider me a rule of thumb. I did things very differently then most and still do today.

Caroo2006-12-07 04:49:56

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"quite a good 3d artist" well i only started doing 3d in the last two semesters, im in a very broad course where i can go into alot of things, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

So what does a junior level designer do?
i know that you only started a few months ago, but have they got you do do anything major yet (do they use MAYA or MAX)?
whats the atomshpere like working there?

Thank for the info, i really appreciate it.

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Well if you have a broad range of media skills yet none of them are upto an industry acceptable standard i would suggest that intership for red tribe. You might not fall perfectly in their case sensario but in your e-mail breifly state what your doing and what you can do and where you want to be in the next few years.

A junior level designers job varies from studio to studio but for blue tounge it's a solid mixture of computer based work and written/practiced design. I can't get into huge detail at the moment but i'm quite satisfied with what i'm doing. I've been at blue tounge about a month now.

And they currently use Max but they're slowly changing to Maya.

The atomshpere is awesome. Really nice blokes and casual yet professional at the same time. They know what there doing.

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[QUOTE=Xinnerz]im in a very broad course where i can go into alot of things[/QUOTE]
3D art is a wide area, do you have a favourite area, or one you're most proficient in? What's currently in your portfolio?
ive done my folio and resume and im starting to write up some cover letters is there anything else that could give me an edge?[/QUOTE]
Print it, bind it, stick it in an envolope and mail it out. Get your work sitting on people's desks.nexx2006-12-14 04:04:17

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wow, 3d art is a wide area. so im coming from a broad multimedia course to a broad area in 3d art. i think might have to work a bit more on 3d before i start applying.

So do you work at Krome Studios Melbourne, or other?

Ive contacted both Blue Tongue and Krome and both of them don't take university students, looks like im heading towards regular multimedia jobs.

thanks for the info cheers.