Funny hacking game (Only a demo on this site). Give it a try if you've got the free time, but the full version is better.

Check it

100% chance of PAIN, in the GLAVEN

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Yeah for something that really can't classify as a typical game its very addictive for a while.
It's the reason i had to change my IT assignment [:0]

Bloody hell its a giant harmonica!

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Man, I played waaay too much of that demo last year. @:-D

Chris Bowden

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Well if you get the full version then you get plot missions

(Destroy the net or don't)

100% chance of PAIN, in the GLAVEN

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Uplink is pretty boring now. Played it out, way to much (Still fun to play when you're bored.)
Got more games on Cube so i'm happy

100% chance of PAIN, in the GLAVEN