Sumea Paint Activity #2 - Johnn

self portrait with a (green alien) twist!

A little under 90mins of solid painting. Would have liked to add in some more detail and a background but that would have taken the time well and truely beyond the scope of a quick activity.

souri's picture

Nice work, man .. Are you wearing a brown bag or something though?!

Neffy's picture

ohh green yay ! It looks like your evolving into a green alien after living in a cocoon ^_^

Nice lighting on the face

Killa Dee's picture

really nice work, I love the way you mix your colours togehter.

adie's picture

oww that looks painfull are u stuck in a body bag with a dear ..But you look quite relaxed , maybe the dear is givin u somthing ??(acupuncture)
Nice pic though

Johnn's picture

another 90mins of painting.