Funny story.


The British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, has reported that a Disney game aimed at children has been sold that features strong swearing.
The newspaper alleges that the GBA Monsters Inc game by Disney/THQ features a certain Anglo-Saxon word beginning with F. According to the story Mark Stewart of North Shields spent ?200 on two GBAs for his children and several games

Unfortunately for Mark, due to the usual standards of British tabloid journalism no-one actually put any effort into researching the story. If they had it would have been discovered that Mark's game was in fact a fake pirate copy. And not a very good fake at that. The offending text was part of a message added to the game by the pirate/hacking group.

Typical, I bet the 'retraction' was on page 73 between the classifieds.

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Yep it's from a pirated copy of the game, looks like tight-arse daddy bought a illegal version and the paper didn't check all the facts.
Looks like another libel case coming on


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Hey, is that a sinus scroller? [:D]

People have been making these kind of intro's since the Commodore 64 days. Actually, I've seen much better ones on the C64 [:D]

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Ahh scrolling demos.. *misty eyes*.