Sites/forums for PC hardware

Does anyone know of any good sites and/or forums to get advice for computer hardware? i'm in the market for a new pc (as of last night when my HDD started making awful clunking noises and everything shut down). I knowa few sites but i wouldnt mind a larger list.

souri's picture are pretty damn good for hardware prices.

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yeh, nice prices, and a store right need me too!

Brain's picture for the win

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yeah u-mart is great, that's where i'll be buying most things from. what i need though is links to benchmarks or reviews of the hardware so i can figure out what to buy in the firstplace.

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[url=""]BigKid has a post[/url] about what to watch out for from such bargain basement stores. ie: "Returned Goods attract a 10% restocking fee".

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Oops, sorry. I didn't read your post correctly. Some good places to find about that stuff would be [url=""]Tom's Hardware[/url] and [url=""]Anandtech[/url].

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And [url=""]Dan's Data[/url] - Dan Rutter's a legend on teh internets.