Your aus city of choice for work?

What cities do you fellows prefer to work in,
or find the most work available in?

rezn0r's picture

Brisbane all the way!

Low cost of living, friendliest city I've lived in yet, and unlimited opportunities.

Why go anywhere else?


skunx's picture

I'll tell you when i find any work [:X]
but yeah Brisbane seems the best all around

3DArty's picture

I would have to say the same and im in the A.C.T:( But yes Brisbane for me too.

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We had a vote on this 2 years ago on Sumea. [url=""]Interesting results[/url]. It would be interesting to see how a vote now on the same subject would go.

mcdrewski's picture

Yeah, would be very interesting.

Vote [1] Brisbane!

AntsZ's picture

im from melbourne, but I prefer brisbane to work, but i find more opportunites in melb.

redwyre's picture

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane!

Mdobele's picture

And just to be completely different........ BRISBANE! woot go our city.

WiffleCube's picture

I hope you have good air conditioning up there, because as
an ex-pom, if I venture up north I'll be wearing a Dr. Moreau
bucket of ice on my head to handle the heat [:p]. I graduated
down here in Melbourne, often driving past Melbourne House
(now renamed Atari House) where those 8-bit classics were made.

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melbourne looks like a great place to live (though i risk driving around the CBD), but i dont know about working there, simply becuase it seems most companies are not local to the cbd, like here in brisbane. i'm probably wrong though, i've only been to mebourne twice for agdc, and that's the impression i got.

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Have to say Brisbane as well :D Its so much warmer that south coast NSW!

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melbourne is rather cold at the moment, but i live in the CBD and there are at least 4 game studios within 30 min walk of my place. Lots of things to do in melbourne as well....

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Brisbane is too bloody hot, humid, and full of Queenslanders [:D]

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Actually Queensland always seems to full of bloody Victorians! :)

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I'm from Sydney actually (and lived there for over 21 years). I had the sense to escape to Melbourne...

I remember there were lots of jokes about Victoria being On the Move (from old vic number plates) to Queensland.

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I just moved to QLD from SA, SA definately sucks hardly any oportunity. Loving Brisbane so far, just hope it doesnt get to hot in summer :)