Artist new to the game.


I'm hoping this is the right place to post this...

Ok, so to introduce myself and what I am looking for. I am a 26yo student and currently I am half way through my second year of an animation course, I'm Melbourne based.

wow, theres alot less there than what I had intended there to be...

I'm looking for a local group in the modding scene that I can join. I have no experience in game creation at all, but I would like to learn.

I have a fairly strong grasp of 3D, my animation course has been teaching us Lightwave but I intend on learning Maya fairly soon.

I have reasonable drawing skills and I am trying push myself in the areas of concept development.

I would prefer to get in with a group of people who know a bit more than me so I can learn in the right direction.

Ok I think ive rambled enough for the moment..

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.. but I'd love to know if there are any local modding groups around at the moment. Is anyone doing anything with the Unreal 3 engine? :/ The thing with modding is that it takes quite a dedicated and hard working group of people these days, and I wonder if the enormous amount of work involved required has stifled some of the enthusiasm for it.

Was there any genre / kind of mod in particular that you'd be interested in helping out in?

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I was hoping for either a fps or rpg. I think finding the group is more important to me right now than the actual mod itself.

Of course I would prefer to get onboard early so I can contribute to the artistic and conceptual side of things as well.... So many things to learn and so little time.

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Yeah, things sure have changed from my early modding days in quake 2. We used to do a mod in a day... lots of fun things game from that when we just said "let's make something... four hours".
Beerquake, Goo, Backward firing weapon quake... those were the days. Nowadays you need a full professional level team or people don't want to play what you've made :(

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Tried checking ModDB for teams needing things you can do?
Mind you, keep your wits about you... 99.999999% of the projects there are never going to happen. It's pretty sad really :/

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Ive had a look over ModDB and found a few that look interesting...a farming mod for crysis in particular.

I will look closer into these if I am unable to find a local group.