Hey everybody!
I've just recently heard about this site through my brother and he told me that I should sign up so I can get my art posted around and what not.
Well, my name's Parka [more commonly Amy...], i'm from Brisbane in QLD and at the moment I do 2D art [just for kicks] but when I finish school at the end of this year I'm really hoping to get into QANTM and earn a degree in Animation.
My interests lie massively in animation, 2D/3D design, drawing, and all that jazz. I've been arting and drawing for as long as I can remember [sounds cliched, i know, but it really is all I ever do], and it's been my dream to get into the games and film industry working in animation and design.
Well, i'm sure you'll be seeing more of me around soon.
Have a good one!

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Hello, welcome to the site!

If you haven't already, register for a Sumea profile at (make sure you enter a legit email address from your isp, and not from hotmail, yahoo etc)

Things seem pretty quite here lately, not much news in the build up to E3, I'm sorta preoccupied with finishing off a site desgin, but please wipe your feet, take a seat, and don't mind the mess!

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Ahh yes, just to clarify, parka is my younger (and much more talented) sister. She is going to be studying and QANTM and is looking to get into the game industry, so I suggested she should look at and if she has any legitimate questions, the people on the boards here would definately be able to give her good advice.

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Best of luck. Keep your dreams alive. I remember thinking the same things way back when I was in school and eventually I got my foot in the door. Now I've been in games for 8 years and I'll never look back if possible.

Good luck.

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Hey, thanks for your comment.
8 years! That's awesome.. How did you start yourself off in games? I'm really interested to know how you really do get your foot in the door. Any advice?
Thanks again, cya!

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I got started, like many, by playing heaps of games, then learning to program because I thought I might like to create experiences like this too.

I got a Computer Science degree at university then started biz programming which I did for 7 years. During that time I was still coding games and graphics stuff at night and eventually I thought I would submit my examples and a resume to a game company.

It ended up they acccepted my application and I never looked back from there.

I interview alot of programmers still today and I think nearly 95% of them don't seem to prepare very well at all. Rarely do you find someone that has really thought about the role they are applying for in any detail.

As you are an artist then I would say you need to prepare a great reel and think of some ways to really impress people with your work. Make sure you have a website setup that you can refer people to as well. I'm not that familiar with artist interviews having never attended one myself but I know that the people with strong portfolios and focused experience are the successful candidates.

Good luck.

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hey there, thought I say hello as I have sort of recently joined the industry. 2d artist though, I think the most important thing is to have patience and work HARD! :) always works the best and you'll be doing what you dream in no time. cheers, Min

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Hi Min,

How are you feeling today? ;-)

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hello Adam,
:) well "not bad"! and yourself? I guess I could just lean over the desk and ask you personally. hehe.