EVENT : PERTH : iVEC : Demystifying the GPU

DEMYSTIFYING THE GPU, a presentation by Ed Buckingham of AMD

“Computer technology is on the verge of another leap forward in processing power.”

Semiconductors used first to power graphics and the latest consumer games are now being used to address some of today’s most challenging scientific questions. Problems spanning signal processing to protein folding to financial options pricing are all finding their way to the graphics processor unit (GPU).
This presentation provides a high-level overview of GPU technology and AMD’s role in the development of this technology. A brief discussion of the hardware architecture and programming model will be presented as well as pointers to more information. This is not a technical presentation, but technical aspects of the GPU will be presented along with technology trends. Anyone new to the GPU should attend as well as anyone seeking an update on GPU technology, development trends and future directions

Ed Buckingham’s 15 years in the Silicon Valley have spanned business and marketing roles in semiconductors, supercomputers and software. Currently, Ed is business development manager with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) where he is helping lead the development of a next generation, open, heterogeneous compute environment focused on GPU technology. Ed’s resume also includes roles with Intel, Silicon Graphics and IDC (International Data Corp) where he was widely quoted in the press as an analyst covering emerging graphics technologies.
In his spare time, Ed sits on the board of the Life Sciences Society (LSS), an organization he helped co-found in 2002. LSS brings together several hundred scientists from around the world every August at Stanford University for a three-day conference to present refereed papers on research in bioinformatics, genomics and related life science research.
Ed’s academic resume includes graduate degrees in engineering and business from San Jose State University and undergraduate degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of California.

When: Friday 4th April 2008, 3pm
Where: ARRC Auditorium, 26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington, WA
Cost: Free. Light refreshments will be served.
Registration: Wendy D’Arrigo rsvp@ivec.org or 6436 8830 , by 3rd April


EECE School Seminar Series.
When: Friday 4th April 2008, 11am
Where: UWA, Electrical Electronic and Computer Engineering, Billings Room, Crawley
Cost: Free.
Registration: Not required.