QA Tester Salary / Wages

Im just wondering if any one whos been in QA knows the average salary / wage a QA tester gets?

I know some QA jobs are on contract and get paid hourly, but there are some instances where some QA guys are full time.

If anyone could help that would be great. I need this info because im going in for an interview for a QA position, it would be good to have some knowledge of the wages for QA incase im asked a question regarding wages / salary.


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Well for anyone who wants to know the average wage for Krome was about $13 p/h I do remember hearing from Jason Cross (QA Manager) you get about $440 in your hand per week. But I also think that the QA positions @ krome were seasonal.

Im not a 100% sure if someone could correct me or confirm.

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That would be a very nice payment indeed. Would be good to see what Fuzzyeye offers in payment, I have my interview today. I will post after the interview for people's future reference.

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We really need a Sumea QA article to dispel some myths and get some facts and tips on QA testing jobs in Australia, much like the [url=""]Sumea article for 3d modellers[/url].

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Yeah good idea Souri maybe ask guys who are already in QA in this forums to help I know that Mcdrewski has blogs about QA theres prolly more out there as well as those who previously was in a QA position. great idea though.