Buying software in NZ

Wasabi! I've just made the (probably foolish, misguided) decision to buy 3dsmax, but for the life of me, I can't find it! =P Nobody seems to carry it on the shelf in Taupo (which is fair enough), and they all look at me funny when I ask if they can get hold of it for me. I'm sure they could, but I'd kinda like to be certain of exactly what I'm buying, since I'll be forking out so much cash.

So, if any kiwis out there can tell me where (in the North Island, at least) I could get the program, or point me to an NZ-based online store, it'd be very much appreciated.


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From the website...

Company: Digital Video Technologies (NZ) Ltd

Main Contact: Catherine Weedon

Phone: (64) 9 525 0788
Fax: (64) 9 579 6029
Address: Level 2
45 Fairfax Avenue

City: Penrose
State/province: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Zip/postal code:

Company: Next Media Ltd.

Main Contact: Jonathan Poleglas

Phone: (64) 09 523 4672
Fax: (64) 09 523 4671
Address: 52 Broadway

City: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Zip/postal code:

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Thank'ee =)