Work Experience in QLD

Hey, I need some work experience. I have contacted Krome they told me to come here, so yeah I was just wondering is there any work experience around =D?

Btw I am grade 10 :)

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From my seven years of running Sumea / tsumea, I've only heard of one studio who is/was willing to take up students for work experience (Wicked Witch in Melbourne), so you might have a rather tough job of finding one.

Unfortunately, the reasons for the local games industry for not taking in work experience students are many, but I do encourage you to try anyway. Go to our industry section, contact those companies in the Brisbane listing, and see how you go. If you do find a place, let us all here know for others who might be interested later on!

We've had a few threads on here about work experience, if you're interested, read up on them at:

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Are you in Brisbane?

Try Halfbrick Studios... while I worked there they took on a number of people in your position.

They're a great place to work too.

Check out their website and shoot an email through to Shainiel.

Best of luck!


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There you go, excellent stuff, Halfbrick!

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Thanks guys :) Yeah I found this site < I hope thats right :L . So I rang Krome and they told me to come here. :P

Ill go check out the links and half brick. Thank you :)

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shane, try halfbrick studios. They are a company that looks out for upcoming talent. also look up this place,
they employ students and train them... hope thts helpful

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Yeah mate it is :). Im going to try them today or tomorrow because I still need to talk to my mum to see if I can get there. :)

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I sent them an email asking about work experience yesterday :)