Positions Available: 3D Studio Max Artists (Bris)


Three 3D Studio Max Artists required:

Junior Animator, VFX Artist, Camera Operator

Please Read Long Description before applying.

A 3D animated music we recently undertook has lost a number of key crew and is now in real danger of not being completed in time for the bands upcoming tour. The clip is Japanese influenced anime and runs a total of 03:03.

We are looking for experienced 3D Studio Max artists to fill the following three positions:

- A medium level Animator to complete a 2nd Level Animatic and assist in finalising scene action.

- A VFX Artist for four remaining medium difficulty effects

- A talented ?camera operator? to finalise/finesse current shots

Due to a blow out in the clips completion schedule these roles are offering deferred fee only contracts, however, we do expect to be in a position to renumerate those willing to help this project through to completion.

Contact: Grant Collins 0414 8242 11 / Demetre Tryfiatis 0432 1499 13

Or Email: admin@excitare.com.au (Please Inc. the prefix ?HOM? in your subject heading)


The Excitare Team

Souri2007-07-24 23:24:18