preparing 4 an interview?

Whats the best way to prepare for an interview?
what kind of questons will i be asked?

The first interview is a phone interview, and i expect if it goes well there would be a second interview?


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Go through your list of experience and be sure you know what you're talking about.
Anything you have achieved or have skills in, touch up again in theory.
Anything you have on your CV make sure you know it.
Create some questions you think the company will ask you. Sit infront of a mirror, ask your reflection those questions, and then you answer them.

Sorts of questions you can expect will be of 3 types
1. Your skills, and background - first question is usually - tell us about yourself, your skiils, education, experience.

2. HOw you will fit into certain situations / reactions (ie if you don't know something what would you do? Do you prefer to work alone, or in a team, what are the benefits of both? How would you manage if you had a dead line at the end of the week and you couldn't possibly complete your tasks? etc.

3. Why you may wish to work for that company

Phone Interview:
Will be concentrating on your background, your skills, your experience. Be confident on the phone, don't be cocky.

If they like what you have to offer and your confidence of yourself to perform, they will schedule another interview to meet in person. This will be more about your personality and how it will fit into the company, also more questions by different people, you may find yourself before a panel of 3 people.

Good luck!

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think of some intelligent questions to ask (incase you are asked to ask questions)

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ok thanks guys seems i may be getting somewhere now ;)