Google Maps and new hires images of Sydney

Wow, I didn't notice that Google have put up those new images of Sydney on Google Maps. I'm sure you've all heard the news a while back that they were making scanning fly-bys on Australia day.

Check out this of Bondi Beach.

I've had the Opera House bookmarked on Sumea maps for ages, and I know that image has been updated as well. In fact, close-ups of the Sydney CBD doesn't look like a blurry mess anymore too Souri2007-03-01 19:38:21

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Hey, found this on Bondi Beach.. not bad

Street performer at Circular Quay. The detail you can see is truly nuts.Souri2007-03-01 20:05:02

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And to bring the tone down to depressing check out this link and zoom in:

Amazon rainforest clearing

If you zoom out until the whole of south America is on screen its still noticeable, a man made scar visible from space .... we don't deserve this planet.Malus2007-03-02 05:14:05

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those are awesome ( except the rainforest one :( )