Experienced 3D Artist looking for work, NZ

I'm a 3D Artist based in NZ. I'm looking for new work and would be interested in applying for a 3D Artist or Lead Artist position.

I have just over a year of experience in the industry. My last position was as a Lead Artist at Rush Digital Interactive, where I created all the 3D art for several mobile games. I also managed any freelance artists we brought onto our projects. I was majorly responsible for developing the style and look for each game and had to make sure that the style was maintained throughout production. I was in charge of contacting and managing our freelance artist. I worked with the Project Manager to decide on deadlines. I was then responsible for issuing tasks to the freelance artist and ensuring that work was delivered on time at a satisfactory level. I also found myself in charge of the studios online presence. I managed our Facebook and Twitter profiles as well as communicating with fans on gaming forum sites. I took it upon myself, with the Project Managers ok, to contact reviewers and issue promo codes.

My portfolio can be found at http://blakedwan.weebly.com
I would really like to hear from any studios that think they might have a suitable job opening.
My email is blakedwan@gmail.com