AGDC 2004 - More Photos.

I've just noticed that the AGDC website has released a BUCKET load of photos covering the entire conference. There are some really great shots in there, and a few of the sumea regulars that we wish they hadn't taken [:D]

The have also released the powerpoints for the speeches as well as two videos. The "Duke Nukem Style - Conference Highlight Video" is a must see.

Pop on over and check em out

MoonUnit's picture

heh thanks for that, i can see my face in a few of the crowd shots :P (and a nice one of my back in the lobby..), i want a download of that FPS video!

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i begin to wonder if it we shouldn't have done a little more natural pose for the award photo...


and what is it with websites wanting to stream all their videos?? low bandwidth alternatives are great but not if my bandwidth is so low i cant stream it properly!! how about a good old download link!!

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Hehe, one photo that caught my eye was the one with Jacana and (what I guess is) the crew belting out a tune on that sing machine. Tho from the photo it looks like Jacana is belting out more tune than the crew. :-)
Looked like fun, pity I missed it, but oh well.

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LOL :) Yea - that pic made it into Atomic, too.

I got all the guys from the team (programmers) and we signed up for the Singstar comp at the Big Party Night. We were doing Video Killed the Radio Star. It was fun, and oh so lovely. The guys have this love/hate thing going for singstar (I have it at home) and so they died when they were immortalised in Atomic doing it.

Payback for the crap they gave me all year as lead...?