I believe "w00t 2: revenge of w00t" is the term...

Heya gang -

Just to let you know another Sumea member has made it!

I start at Krome on Monday, as a bottom of the rung QA guy! Whoo Whoo!

I sent an application in for 3D and QA (even though I was told that there were no QA positions available) last week and got a call this Thursday to come in for an interview Friday...by the time I left the interview on Friday I had the job!

The guy interviewing me was a major, major C64 / Zzap 64 nut, so I think that helped me more than anything else :)

Yes, I know QA is teh sux0r, but at least this gets me in the system so I can start impressing the powers that be with my 3D or design skills...

Oh yeah, and they still need more QA people! (Maybe this should be in another section?)

Any QA people out there want to give me advice? :)

thanks y'all

- Gazunta :)

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More Kromers! @;-) You prolly just got my mate's spot. He's just nabbed a spot as a Hardware guy.

And JB always seemed like the C64 kinda guy to me. Yay for oldschoolers! @;-) I've gotta get my arse to Brissie, then JB'll at least see me. That or Space Capt. Steve can see my plight and sweet talk him. *laughs*

Enjoy Gaz!!

Chris Bowden

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Welcome to the Kroman Empire


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All roads lead to Krome!

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Congrats man. Hey say hi to my mate Ryan for me, he started work as a 3D animator / modeller a little while back.