Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone! Time to put last years troubles behind us and start fresh. I wish you all the best for the new year and may you all find jobs in game dev.

New years resolutions:
Code more.
...and more...
..and a little bit extra...
play more games.
Code some more.
play some more games.
Upgrade computer so i can play more new games.
Code some more again
Play more games.

CYer, Blitz

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Happy new year also, even if I am writing it still half drunk and hung over from the festivities last night.

I would add my new years resolutions, but last night was kind of a blur to me right now and I can't remember them.

Happy Recovery to everyone else out there too ;-)

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Happy new year everybody
wishing you all the best for 2003 and hope that all your new years resolutions are met!

Peaceful recovery . Best of luck with the berocca

Andrew Fitzsimon

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oh man.. I spent the arvo at a friends place for NYE till 11pm, then we made the mad dash to Rose Bay (which was really far away) - we managed to get there 5 minutes before the fireworks went off.. stayed there for a while before going home for a few hours sleep before going to Field Day (dance party across the Art gallery in NSW) for the whole day..It was pouring, and there were people dancing in the mud. I came home about 2 this morning.
My legs and head hurt, and I need some of that berocca..! (going back to bed now)