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I think I'll start compiling some sort of list of the unbelievable local talent I've stumbled across just browsing them internets. The latest artist to wow me is Ashley Wood. He's from Perth, and he does digital and traditional art for a fair few things including the official Metal Gear Solid comic book...

"Ashley Wood is an internationally acclaimed, commercial illustrator, concept designer and comic book artist. He lives with his wife, his two sons and three cats in Perth, Australia. Ashley has been a professional illustrator for fifteen years and has worked for most major publishing and entertainment companies. Clients include: Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Sony, Konami, Vivendi International, Random House, Marvel Comics and Todd McFarlane Productions. Ashley's work has appeared in books, movies, magazines, comics, television and video games."

That's a pretty darn impressive list there, especially for someone who dropped out of Graphic Design! Have a look through these links to see some of his work!
Interview with Ashley Wood His Blog His Art More art from Google Images


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