De Blob interview with Blue Tongue


Video Gamer has a rather sneaky interview with Melbourne developer, Bue Tongue, on their innovative Wii console game, De Blob. The interviewer threw numerous issues concerning the colourful puzzle action game which handled quite eloquently by Blue Tongue lead producer, Nick Hagger, whether it was about the release date of De Bob being pushed back to later this year, the previous frame rate issues, the failure of other third party puzzle games for the Wii, and even what Blue Tongue are working on next. From Initial hands on previews pointed out frame rate issues. Have you been able to address these concerns? What frame rate will the game run at when it's released?

NH: That's definitely one of the benefits of having extra time. We've done heaps of work to improve performance and I'm happy to say that looking at the game beside me, its silky smooth. We'll be shipping at 60 frames per second.