Blue Tongue's de Blob scores 83 on Metacritic


Congratulations are in order for Melbourne's Blue Tongue who released their highly anticipated Wii puzzle / action game, de Blob, last week. Seventeen game reviews have given the game a glowing 83 percent average on Metacritic, with one local gaming website stamping the game with a perfect ten out of ten score. Reviewers have applauded the developers behind de Blob for its highly polished visuals, unique and fun game concept, and the entertaining and humorous story. The review from IGN sums up it fairly nicely...

It is, simply, one of the most well put together, clean and smooth third-party Wii games to date. It's funny. It controls well. And it's packed full of entertaining and satisfying jump, roll and paint-based challenges. So if you find yourself the skeptic, as I was, go ahead and throw your cynicism out the window, for de Blob is exactly the type of project that you want to see on Wii.

It's great to see a local developer doing some outstanding work, and there's no doubt that de Blob will be a huge contender for many categories at the Game Connect: Asia Pacific 2008 game developer awards come November.


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That's excellent news - and hopefully will shut up some of the eternal "Australians don't make good games" commenters. At least for a while...

Let's see this thread hit 30+ comments of kudos, and reach the numbers that company-bashing ones do!

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Got this game on the weekend, have played through the first level. It's easy to pick up but not overly simple so it keeps your attention, has great visuals and is a helluva lot of fun to play! Lots of mini-quests and challenges in each level, and we kept playing it long enough to do almost all of those in the first level, can't wait to get cracking on the rest!

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Haven't played it yet, but well done guys!

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Good on you guys! This was one of those titles that could have so easily have flopped but it certainly sounds like all your hard work and dedication to quality have turned out a winner.

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gj blue tongue