Oz Mapper Interview Chris Plutonic Blundell


Unrealtournament2004.com.au has an interview with local map editor Chris Blundell, better known as Plutonic. Chris was responsible for AS-RobotFactory from Unreal Tournament 2004...

"One of Australia's renowned Level Editors, Chris 'Plutonic' Blundell fresh from an outstanding perfomance in the MSU (Make Something Unreal Contest) shares some thoughts and experiences involving his career with Unreal Ed amongst other related projects. I strongly recommend everyone read this interview especially those new to Level Design. Not only does Chris have some helpful tips and advice for newcomers, his information may also be handy for those seeking a career in the industry ."

An interesting fact about Chris is that he is a High School teacher! He's currently working on Perception's Stargate SG-1 title.