PS2 kit scheme launched


AustralianIT has written a follow up article about the Playstation 2 kits with details on who received them, and what the games industry means for Victoria.

"Information and Communication Technology Minister Marsha Thomson said the five beneficiaries, who received two kits each, were Tantalus Interactive, Lucid Software, Bullant Studios, Hemicube and That Game.

Ms Thomson said the Victorian games development industry exported an estimated $30 million annually and employed more than 300 games developers.

"Each game developed in Melbourne sees $3 million invested in Victoria and creates up to 30 new jobs," she said.

The Game Developers' Association, which brokered the deal with Sony, hopes to extend the program to other states in Australia."

So that's promising news for the rest of the country :) Read the article over at AustralianIT.