Torus Games announces Tao Berman's Extreme Kayaking


From a press release:

Leading Australian games developer, Torus Games, has pushed the bounds of electronic gaming with its ability to simulate the physics, appearance and sensation of white water rivers.
Torus Games Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Bill McIntosh, says that the new technology, known as X-Stream will make a significant difference to the gaming experience.

"To date, games developers have struggled to create a true depiction of water," Mr McIntosh said. "With X-Stream, gamers can now immerse themselves in an authentic white water adventure."

Not only does X-Stream recreate the physical flows, ebbs and eddies of a thundering river, it also boasts underwater refraction, surface reflection, realistic waterfalls, mist and more.

For authenticity, designers employed real water physics when designing X-Stream."

While a publisher is still unconfirmed, Torus Games expects the game will be ready for release in 2004. The preview videos have provoked a good response, such as this from Avault...

"We have seen footage of this game - and wow? The water effects are unlike anything we have ever seen except for actual white water rapids. But enough dribble.."

You can view higher-res of the images and video at