Gamespy previews Ty


Yes, you can expect a lot more Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger news, seeing as the game is coming out real soon now. Gamespy has a preview of the game with some even more new pictures.

"From a visual perspective, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is quite impressive. The game's developers are rather new to the scene, but they've already managed to squeeze a great deal more out of the PlayStation 2 hardware than other developers that have released several games for the system. Some of the levels stretch on for a great distance yet there's no appreciable hit to the framerate."

The reviewer however did have something to say about one gameplay aspect..

"there's quite a bit of collecting to be done in the game. This sort of game design has been scorned by players in the past and it will be interesting to see just how short the game-buying public's memory is."

Click here for the Gamespy preview.