Australian Game Industry on the grow!


An interesting article yesterday over at SMH.COM.AU about the Australian game industry..

"This year, investment in Australia by the big US and European games publishers - Electronic Arts, Infogrames, and Vivendi Corporation's Universal Interactive, the top three - will be well over $50 million and this, industry experts say, is only the start.

Companies such as Infogrames Melbourne House, Blue Tongue, Tantalus and other smaller houses now command about 50 per cent of what has become an important Australian industry."

...and why is Australia such a great place to make games?

"The dollar value is helpful, but we don't really compete on price, more on value for money. Projects may cost a little less than in the US but they get much more for their money with us. We have a reputation for producing on time. We also have a very eclectic taste. And culturally, we have an advantage because we know how to do things both the Americans and the Europeans will like."

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