Interview with Kate Inabinet


Atomic MPC has an interview with local animator, Kate Inabinet, about all things concerning animation in the games industry. Kate was an AIE graduate, and previously worked at Atari Melbourne House on Transformers..

Kate Inabinet is currently an Animator for Blue Tongue Entertainment in Melbourne. She has been in the industry for 4 years, and prior to games development worked as an animator for advertising and film. Kate studied at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) in Canberra where she is still involved as a mentor for the Women in Games Pathway, presenting regularly at conferences and universities on the topic.


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  • 1. unit - Wed, 15 Mar 2006 1:48:46Z
    Great interview and proof positive despite the doom and gloom expressed on other recent threads, there's a tremendous amount of homegrown talent in Oz.

    Still it's a shame that inveriably the focus of the interviews invariably shifts to the 'what's it like being a 'women in a male-dominated industry?' question - of course its more an expression of reality than anything else as women are a minority in the games industry. However I think there are signs of change (we've had more female applicants recently here at FC). So while the games industry perhaps will perhaps always attract more male than female applicants I think the balance is changing and more women are considering this industry,

    The fact is currently we're only drawing on a little over 50(percent) of our potential talent pool. No wonder the industry finds it hard to fill positions with sufficiently talented people. Perhaps therefore finding talented candidates would become easier to find for studios if a more concerted effort was made to attract talent into the industry regardless of sex.

    Interviews like Kate's can only help.

  • 2. Souri - Wed, 15 Mar 2006 4:44:25Z
    I remember Kate from the panel about Women in Gaming at the first Free Play conference. That was quite an incredible and informative discussion, and I just wish someone had made a transcript of it because my memory is pretty bad and I can't remember much of it, apart from it being quite an incredible and informative discussion :D

    Is anyone else kinda taken back by seeing a lot of ex-Atari Melbourne House employees at other studios now?