Bringing de Blob to reality


Daniel Purvis has written an exceptional article for The Escapist this week that covers all the trials and tribulations of bringing Blue Tongue's de Blob into reality.

The article tells the extraordinary story of de Blob, starting from the discovery of the indie game demo of that de Blob was based on and where Blue Tongue was at the time, the challenge for Blue Tongue in prototyping and bringing the concept into a marketable package, the involvement of specific people who convinced corporate to take a risk on a game that none of them really understood, right to de Blob becoming the critically acclaimed game that it is in the market today...

de Blob has received a Metacritic rating of 82, higher than Nintendo's own platformer Wario Land: Shake It. The Official Nintendo Magazine U.K. even touted it as "the best game Nintendo never published." The team at Blue Tongue can rest easy knowing they've accomplished at least one of their goals: developing an original title that has received critical acclaim.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and it provides some great insight into de Blobs development history, and I'm sure you will enjoy reading it too, so check it out!