AustralianGamer interviews Tony Hilliam on the new Fury


You've got to hand it to Tony Hilliam. He's damn resilient. If everyone had to go through what the Auran CEO did late last year, I'm sure most would have decided to move on from the games industry, but not Tony. AustralianGamer has returned to the slimmer Auran offices to conduct an interview with Tony on the new direction and game design that Fury has morphed to. After all the fiasco of the Auran lay-off's of last year, Tony comes off as determined and optimistic as ever, and if there's any hope of a resurrection of the once mighty Auran, that's certainly the traits needed. And I think he just might do it...

Tony: Well the thing to realize is that no game company is ever rock solid. I mean, EA closed their studio on the Gold Coast 6 years ago, so it doesn't matter how big the company is, your studio still has to perform and survive. I think it's just something with the industry, and pretty much all our guys got placed in other jobs in Brisbane very quickly, and the good news is the government scheme has all worked out so most of them are getting all their cheques this week.