my own website

It's been ages since I last posted something. I've been working on putting together my own website.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Brain's picture

Nice, easy to navigate layout. Big fan of your 3d modelin' @:-)

Only crit is put a link to your demo reel a bit more prominently. I only happened upon it due to looking through ALL the site. If I never wanted to contact you, I'd never see it. And the reel might make an employer want to contact you.

Neilb's picture

Great work Dan.

But where is Anubis/Egyptian Dog dude and the Beast from Hail? They rocked -especially the beast with animations.

Be nice to see the centerror with finished textures on his hands and weapon rather than the textporter smoothed normals shading.

Kratos's picture

Downloaded Demo reel , it pauses in the first couple of seconds.

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Thanks for the replies and checking out my site. I have fixed a few things and made some changes. Made the link to my demo reel more prominent as suggested by Brain. Mutant_fork; I went through my old back-up CDs from Tafe a found the Hail game animations. They are now uploaded on the movie page.