Wargaming Sydney

BigWorld at E3 2006

BigWorld have only just recently put up a press release about it, but Ten Ton Hammer has covered the E3 2006 showing of the Australian-made MMOG development solution we know as the Big World Technology Suite. They have a chat with Big World's strategic business manager, Robert Spencer, on BigWorld's popularity with Chinese developers, the scalability and easy integration of the technology suite, and describe the BigWorld engine at work with terrain building...

BigWorld Announces Mobile MMO Technology and MMO VOIP Solution

BigWorld, the leading provider of Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) technology today announced the integration of DiamondWare's 3D VOIP client into the BigWorld Technology Suite. Press release here...

BigWorld, the leading provider of Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) platform, today launched ?BigWorld Mobile?, providing developers the tools required to bring MMOs and persistent casual games to mobile devices (handheld gaming devices and cellphones).

Stargate Worlds to use BigWorld Tech

Here's something that might blow your mind. Stargate Worlds, the newly announced Stargate MMORPG which some speculate had a role in the demise of Perception's Stargate SG-1 game, is to use the efforts of another Sydney game developer. Warcry.com reports that Micro Forte's BigWorld Technology suite will be running the show behind that game...

Early access program for Big World Tech

"BigWorld Pty Ltd, Micro Forte's official licensing agent for BigWorld massively multiplayer technology today announced its Early Access Program for the highly anticipated BigWorld Technology. With over $8M and three years in development, the technology offers the world's most scalable, fault-tolerant, and customisable MMOG middleware available."