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Jnr Pipeline TD - Luma Pictures - Santa Monica

Are you a Jr Pipeline TD?

You can

- Learn and extend the pipeline
- Develop tools that make artists happy
- Identify and automate inefficient or redundant tasks

You have

- At least 1 year python experience
- Comfortibility with Object-Oriented programming
- Expert problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
- Experience with Maya and Nuke
- Communication skills
- Time management skills


Crowd Simulation TD - Luma Pictures - Santa Monica

Are you a Crowd Simulation TD?

You Can

- Produce various realistic animation ranging from people, animals, and other objects
- Work with the Animation and Rigging team to develop special character rigs that can be developed in the crowd pipeline and duplicated.
- Be able to create and duplicate crowd animation from several hundred to several thousand

You Have