Haunted Home AR

The highly anticipated cutting-edge augmented reality Haunted Home introduces ethereal ghosts, evil wizards and life-like bats into your environment, in a unique gaming experience. Interact with your home and surroundings in a whole new way through AR, as you ward off the demons which materialise from nowhere in this spine-tingling version of haunted house.

We haven't left you empty handed, use your weapon and move around to avoid a certain death.

The game features spine tingling sound track that will have you on edge as you play.



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capture of iPhone game 'Chico of the Dead', an on rails zombie shooter. touch screen to shoot, tilt device to reload, camera angle also controlled by tilt. First 4 missions (of 12) on game mode easy. Game also has a free version in the app store called 'Chico of the Dead free'